Nominate sites, request and contribute trees

You can help us plant more trees across Cardiff.

We would love to hear your ideas for where you would like to see more trees around Cardiff, what kind of planting, and community groups to involve.

Please email your suggestions to and let us know the following (if possible):

  • Name of site
  • Address (including postcode – please include “What three words” reference if possible)
  • Type of site (e.g. street, green open space, park, woodland)
  • Any preference of types of planting or species (e.g. fruit trees, native species, trees with lots of blossom, hedgerow)
  • Who owns the site
  • Whether any groups use the site (e.g. sports clubs, schools, environmental or community groups)
  • Any site photos

We will complete an initial desktop exercise to determine whether the suggested site may be suitable for tree planting. If nominated sites pass the initial criteria, we will check site ecological value, services (e.g. water, telecommunications), and permissions.

We may determine the site is not suitable for tree planting due to several factors; including size, conflict with other site uses, and conflict with other existing habitats already important for biodiversity. If we determine the site is unsuitable, there will be other opportunities to join us in tree planting in sites across Cardiff.

If these checks are passed, we will then work with local stakeholders to determine planting designs and reserve trees for planting.

We will put up site notices where possible to ensure local residents are informed of planting plans and encourage involvement.

We will then confirm a suitable planting date within the next tree planting season (autumn – spring) or put on our list of sites to plant in future years.

Please note planting into the street scene can take longer to complete and sometimes cannot be possible due to significant changes needed to infrastructure. Please do not let this deter you from nominating streets as where possible we will explore creative solutions to introduce trees into streets with few opportunities within the pavement or road. For example, by encouraging households to plant trees in their front gardens and/or installing temporary planters with semi-mature trees.

We are encouraging households to request free trees to plant in their front or back gardens. This is particularly important in areas with few opportunities to plant trees within the street scene or lack nearby parks and greenspaces.

Please note these are 60-80cm whips (small trees). Trees can be planted in the ground or in pots and we can provide advice on tree species and aftercare.

The next round of applications will open soon for collections in autumn 2023.

Please email for further information:

If you are an existing community group with experience of environmental conservation, you can request trees to collect and plant in sites that you look after.

We can also provide trees for new, inexperienced, and informal groups, please indicate if you fit into this category as we can arrange additional support to help with design, planting, and aftercare advice.

Support is available for community groups, charities, faith groups, scouts, sports clubs, and more.

If interested in new trees for your community space or in joining us for external planting events, please email for further information:

We are encouraging schools to get involved by either requesting new tree planting on their grounds or joining us for external tree planting events.

If interested in new trees for your school or in joining us for external planting events, please email for further information:

Individuals and groups are welcome to contribute to the project by donating small trees or purchasing trees from an approved list of suppliers.

If you are interested in contributing trees to the project, please email for further information:

For more information about the stages involved from site nomination to tree planting, please see our site nomination decision tree.

Site nominated

  • Enquiry
  • Consultation
  • Colleagues
  • All year

Desktop checks

  • Location and suitability
  • Type of site (e.g. streets, verges, parks, woodlands)
  • Evidence previous planting / restrictions
  • Ownership
  • Spring

Site survey

  • Ecology
  • Access
  • Site use
  • Summer


  • Services
  • Stakeholders (including site notices)
  • Future use
  • Summer

Planting design

  • Planting options (native, wet woodland, orchard, ornamental)
  • Street trees options (new tree in old pit, temporary planters, front gardens, changes to infrastructure)
  • Right trees, right place (including species, size, meeting stakeholder needs, future proofing)
  • Reserve trees
  • Summer

Planting date

  • Next planting season or future season
  • Promote and involve stakeholders
  • Summer – Autumn

Planting event

  • Volunteer involvement
  • Autumn – Spring


  • Log on Arbortrack (digital system for recording trees and maintenance)
  • Tree guardians (local volunteers helping to look after new trees)
  • Scope for further planting
  • All year

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