Wildlife and Biodiversity

Biodiversity  – or biological diversity – is the variety of life on Earth. It includes all of the plants, animals and habitats that we see around us, and means the same thing as ‘nature’ or ‘wildlife’.

Cardiff has lots of interesting plants, animals and habitats. To find out about biodiversity in the City see our interactive Biodiversity of Cardiff poster – 4.09mb.

Alternatively, have a look at our Biodiversity of Cardiff booklet – 5.3mb, or contact the County Ecologist for a hard copy.

Why Biodiversity is Important

Biodiversity forms the building blocks of a healthy natural environment.  This environment is our life-support system on earth, and provides us with our food, clean water and clean air.

These are among the services the natural environment provides us with.  We can look at these and other services as belonging to four different types:-

Support – including the oxygen production, nutrient cycling, and soil formation, which underpin the provision of the other ‘services’

Regulation – including climate regulation, flood protection and water purification.

Provision – providing us with food, fuel, fibre, and water.

Cultural services – our enjoyment of wildlife and the countryside, education,  recreation, inspiration and natural beauty.

To discover more about what biodiversity does for you take a look at our interactive Variety of Life on Earth poster – 2.8mb.

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Protecting Cardiff’s Biodiversity

Cardiff recognises its role in protecting Biodiversity, through its statutory duties and through the Biodiversity Action Plan process.

Were currently working towards a more integrated Natural Resource Management approach which will replace the Local Biodiversity Action Plan process.

Managing our grasslands for biodiversity

Wildlife, birds and bees
The Cardiff Local Nature Partnership is working with colleagues across the Council to review how we manage our grasslands in parks, open spaces, and verges.

Cardiff Local Nature Partnership

The Local Nature Partnership (LNP) Cymru project is a partnership between the Wales Biodiversity Partnership, Welsh Council for Voluntary Action, Local Environment Records Centres, and all local authorities and national parks in Wales.

Nature is amazing and we can’t survive without it, but the natural environment is in decline and so are the benefits that it delivers. The LNP Cymru project aims to help reverse this decline and promote the value of nature.

Through building a nature recovery network across Wales, engaging people and communities, businesses and decision-makers in both practical action and strategic planning, we can create a resilient and nature-rich Wales.

The Cardiff Local Nature Partnership has been established to support and promote activities to protect and enhance nature across the City and is open to everyone.

If you would like more information about the LNP Cymru project or wish to join the Cardiff LNP mailing list to receive project updates, please get in touch with our LNP coordinator;

Samantha Eaves
Local Nature Partnership Coordinator
Forest Farm Conservation Centre
Cardiff CF14 7JJ

(029) 22330235


Flat Holm Island

Less than ½ a mile wide, this tiny Island is an intriguing hidden jewel in the Bristol Channel. Flatholm is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Local Nature Reserve. The Flat Holm Project conserves the Island’s natural and cultural features which include Victorian barracks, seabird colonies and wartime bunkers.

You can take a day trip by boat to the Island or even stay overnight. Day trips last approximately 5 hours and include a guided tour showing you all the wildlife, buildings and points of interest on the island. At the end of your trip you can also enjoy a well earned drink in the Gull and Leek, the most southerly pub in Wales! and visit the shop which stocks souvenirs, postcards and snacks.

If you would like to visit go to www.flatholmisland.com for more information.

Flat Holm images by: Gareth Johns

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