Grow your own at one of our allotments

COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Use of allotment sites

Cardiff’s allotments can still be used during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, but in line with government advice, new guidance has been introduced to ensure they are used safely.

To all allotment holders, please follow the instructions below:

  • If you are self-isolating, do not enter the site.
  • Observe social distancing with each other, keep 2 metres apart and minimise contact with each other.
  • Keep hand sanitiser with you and use it regularly, particularly before and after opening and closing gates and handling padlocks.
  • Wear disposable gloves and change these regularly.
  • Do not share tools. Wipe your own tools down after use.
  • Do not wash your hands in water troughs.
  • Stay on your own plot, do not enter other plots, even if you have had prior permission

With immediate effect all communal facilities will be closed, including toilets.

Grow your own

Growing food locally is one way we can all help to reduce our carbon footprint – you can’t beat the taste of fresh produce, especially if you have grown it yourself!  Allotment keeping is a great way to keep fit, enjoy the fresh air, make friends and grow your own favourite fruit and vegetables.  If you’ve got room you can even grow flowers for cutting!

Allotment gardening is increasing in popularity and demand for allotment plots in Cardiff is soaring.

Many of Cardiff’s allotments have benefited from increased investment in recent years, providing better access roads, new water supplies, security fencing and composting toilet facilities.

If you are a Cardiff resident and want to take up allotment gardening, you can register your interest in applying for a plot.

If you are new to allotment gardening – or would like some information about keeping an allotment, we have prepared a handy guide (2.7 mb PDF) giving a summary of the rules in the tenancy agreement and helpful tips on planting and managing your plot.

Allotment associations

Are you an association and are not listed here? If so please get in touch so we can add you.

Allotment Sites and Prices

Allotments are very popular but waiting lists vary from site to site.  Occasionally some sites may have vacant plots or short waiting lists but the situation varies throughout the growing season each year.  Where the number of people on a waiting list is more than 50% of the available plots at the site, the waiting list is closed.

Allotment plots vary in size and are let in multiples of 25sqm known as a “perch”, a full size plot is 250m² (10 perch).  You should be able to carry out 1 hour of work per perch per week as a guide to the commitment needed.

Most beginners start with smaller plots and apply for a larger plot at a later date once they are sure of the commitment involved.  The size of plot is up to you in consultation with the Site Representative and depending on the plots available when you visit.

Ten sites have brick cubicle storage to rent at £28.13 a year (no concessions).  Ask the Site Secretary if one is available.

View allotment locations on a map.

(Closed) = With effect from 2/12/2021 the waiting list for the site is closed.

These sites have toilets, water supplies and made-up roads.

  • Allensbank Allotments (Brick cubicle storage)
  • Birchgrove Allotments (Brick cubicle storage)
  • Highfields Allotments (Brick cubicle storage)
  • Llandaff Fields Allotments (CLOSED)
  • Pengam Pavilion Allotments (CLOSED)
  • Pontcanna A Allotments (CLOSED)

These sites have water supplies and made-up roads.

  • Colchester Avenue Allotments
  • College Farm Allotments (CLOSED)
  • Cowbridge Road Allotments (CLOSED)
  • Elgar Crescent Allotments (CLOSED)
  • Ely Great Farm Allotments (CLOSED)
  • Fairwater Allotments (CLOSED)
  • Forest Farm Allotments (CLOSED)
  • Flaxland Avenue Allotments (Brick cubicle storage) (CLOSED)
  • Greenway Road Allotments (CLOSED)
  • Heol Chappell Allotments (CLOSED)
  • Lady Mary Allotments (Brick cubicle storage) (CLOSED)
  • Llandaff North Allotments (CLOSED)
  • Llanishen Allotments (Brick cubicle storage) (CLOSED)
  • Lon Y Deri Allotments (CLOSED)
  • Lynton Terrace Allotments (CLOSED)
  • Pengam Permanent Allotments
  • Pontcanna Permanent Allotments (Brick cubicle storage) (CLOSED)
  • Pontcanna Chalet Gardens (Chalets at Pontcanna Chalet Gardens cost £122.25 per year or £61.13 per year with concession)  (CLOSED)
  • Porthamal Road Allotments (CLOSED)
  • Rhydypenau Allotments (Brick cubicle storage)
  • South Rise Allotments (CLOSED)

This site does not have toilets, water or made-up roads.

  • Leckwith-Droves Allotments (CLOSED)

How to apply for a plot

Cardiff Council is responsible for 28 allotment sites with over 2,500 tenanted plots.

You must be a Cardiff resident to apply for a plot and you can register for a maximum of 2 different allotment sites.  You have to be on the waiting list to be offered a plot.

When there are vacant plots, the Site Representative will get in touch and invite you to visit the site.  If you decide to take on a plot you will need to sign a tenancy agreement form.  The Site Representative will provide you with a site gate key.  You will need to pay a refundable deposit between £10 and £20 and we will send you a bill for the plot.  The allotment year starts on 2  February and rent is payable for the full year.  If you take on the plot between 1 December and 1 February the following year a pro rata amount is payable.

If you decide not to take on a plot, or if the Site Representative is unable to contact you, your details will be removed from the waiting list.

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